References – Decorating

Wall covers & sofa

We invite you to look at the fabric covering the wall using an ‘invisible’ means of attachment to create elegance and comfort in your home. The red flower motive fabric comes from LeManach. The sofa is of classical conception, English style, with grey velvet from Armani. […]

Shanghai Garden

Decor created by Designers Guild, supplier to ‘Au Bonheur du Jour’. […]


Customer satisfaction is an absolute priority. The customer desires associated to advice based on a vast experience concerning harmony within a room, taking into account surroundings and also access to a varied portfolio of fabrics from the greatest fabric manufacturers leads to a ple […]

Bed canopy

Style, surroundings, colours, the harmony in this room is highlighted with the bed canopy, pleasant to look at, with satin folds fixed to the wall, the vertical curtain contains many folds and the assembly of the curtains on the sides are known as ‘Flemish head’ […]

Sitting room

Au Bonheur du Jour exploits its range of artistic culture and home decorating creations to compose a surrounding that suits you. Here the cushions and curtains are made from Veraseta Velvet, the Napoleon settee is hand sewn with ample use of piping, the cabriolet and chair seen on the […]


In private homes, it is important to reveal the owners personality so he feels comfortable with the result. We can appreciate the calm and global harmony that exudes from this room, the cushions and the curtains reflected in the mirror were made from Veraseta Velvet. […]