Seat Re-upholstery using traditional methods

We propose traditional re-upholstery, covering or renovation of armchairs, sofas, chairs and bed heads using noble materials such as horsehair or leaf fibre, hessian & hemp rope. Such materials were already used in the 18th century with a well defined process necessitating a number of steps that cannot be by-passed when one wants a comfortable and solid seating. The filling will also be different according to the type of seat. We will recommend not restoring an old seat with modern materials such as foam that would reduce its value irrevocably. The use of springs will be suggested for better comfort. The choice of filling will be the result of an exchange between you and the passionate professional Mr Slimane.

Complete renovation

Traditional filling will usually be recommended for seats pre 1940. The filling can be ‘basin shape’ if the seat requires a cushion, fully stitched, with springs for better comfort for seats after 1820, padded, or deep buttoning for chairs.

A typical renovation process will include the following steps:

  • Taking down (Take off all materials to bare the wood)
  • Tightening & Bonding of the wood chassis if necessary
  • Attachment & webbing with hessian
  • Springing according to chair type
  • Re-slinging with hemp rope
  • Spring padding with horse hair
  • Webbing & lacing
  • Introduction of horse hair
  • Position light padding
  • Folding back
  • Stitching
  • 3 point stitching on padding
  • Saddler stitching around the seat
  • Lacing on final padding
  • Horse hair layers coating
  • White cotton pose
  • Cotton wool padding
  • Top cover & finishing

Contemporary seat re-upholstery

Modern stuffing with ‘bultex’ foam will be recommended for contemporary seating:

  • Taking down (Take off all materials to bare the wood)
  • Bonding as necessary
  • Elastic attachment
  • Foam calibration
  • Foam positioning
  • Special cover (sock) around the foam
  • Installation of the final furnishing fabric

Cover: installation of the final furnishing fabric

The selected fabric will need to respect the following criteria:

  • Seat Usage
  • Your personal taste
  • Your interior decoration
  • The style (especially if it is stamped and you wish to respect the historical tradition)

The best quality fabrics

Mr Slimane has selected the greatest fabric manufacturers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Designer Guild, Rubelli, Canovas, Pierre Frey, Lelievre, Baquenie, Chanee Ducrocq, Tassinari & Chatel, Prelle, Le Crin, Zimmer Rohde and Ralph Lauren. These well known fine houses have not only maintained classics that perpetuate French tradition but have also been able to generate new collections.

The seats finishing touches respecting the style and the selected fabric

  • Braid adapted to the seats dominant colour
  • Double piping, braid made from the seats fabric
  • Studs or Decorative Nails (style adapted to the seats style)

We visit your home to establish a free estimate. We will ensure collection of your seats to be restored, and once the work is finished, we will deliver and advise you to ensure harmonious integration & to enhance their impact on your interior.

Should the distance and the size of the project warrant it, we can carry out the restoration work at your premises.

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