Advice in interior decorating

 We will visit your home to clarify your project and establish a free estimate. Your interior must first and foremost reflect your personality! Each project is unique…. Be it for your living-room or your bedroom, using our experience in refined interiors, we can advise you for your project globally, to ensure ambiance, aesthetics and optimum harmony with your taste :

  • Best adapted materials and colours: Wooden flooring, wallpapers, paints, wall hangings, cushions, bed spreads, curtains and double curtains (isolating and blackout), blinds, bed canopies, pelmets as well as stores & blind /folding screens
  • For your bedrooms, we can also propose or restore Bed heads and Bedding covers and canopies, propose sofas and make cushions
  • Furniture and accessories

When the project is to your satisfaction, we take the necessary measurements for the work involved. We ensure collection of the items to be changed or reworked, and once the work is finished, we will deliver, position and install these soft furnishings in your home.

For this type of work, the utmost quality among the following fabrics are selected such as cotton fabrics, linen, silks, linen or silk velvets, taffetas, lampas, satins & damask from the well-known houses:

  • Designer Guild
  • Jean Paul Gaultier
  • Rubelli
  • Braquenie
  • Pierre Frey
  • Tassinari et Chatel
  • Zimmer Rohde
  • Lelievre
  • Chanee Ducrocq
  • Canovas
  • Prelle
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Veraseta
Décoration intérieure

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