Above: Christian Lacroix Decor

Discover our supply of objects

Supply of new seating

To furnish your home, it is possible to invest in new seating, armchairs, settees, chaise longue with the style you desire.

  • These seats are made in France.
  • The wood tones (natural wood, varnished wood ou painted wood) will be in harmony with your interior.
  • Your choice will take place within a wide choice of quality fabric from renowned manufacturers, and the professional advice from Au Bonheur du Jour will help you to enhance your home so that your seats be in harmony with their surroundings.
  • The tapestry work itself is carried out exclusively in our workshop.

Supply of ‘stamped’ seating

Through opportunities such as selected auctions, Au Bonheur du Jour can, depending on your wishes, find you chairs, armchairs or other and, if need be, to re-upholster them.
Occasionally, some stamped seats originating from existing customers, are available for sale at the workshop.

Supply of antiques or decoration objects

Be aware that to personalize your decoration, ‘AU BONHEUR DU JOUR’ workshop can also supply objects or antiques that will bring the final touch to your interior.

Your choice being by definition a very personal one, please enquire via our enquiry form or 33 (0)6 08 69 21 17 or email : tapissier.slimane@hotmail.com